November 2017. Having finished studies related to product design, visual design, service design... in different parts of the world (Arrasate/Mondragón, Torino, Madrid...), I am a young man who is working on this project called Zatzaizkit. My name is Beñat, and I am from Hernialde.

At the age of 21, I had the opportunity to move to the Italian city of Torino with an Erasmus scholarship. During the year that I was there, I carried out studies related to the visual design. At that time, I was studying engineering in Product Design at Mondragon Unibertsitatea, and the stay abroad changed my whole point of view about design.

Once I finished my Erasmus experience I moved to Arrasate/Mondragón to take the Master in Strategic Design of Products and Services. While I was studying the Master, I had the opportunity to go to Madrid to do the master thesis. Exactly, at Telefónica.

And so, it was June 2017. It had been a year since I started to create and design concepts by myself, signing them with my artistic name (bñt). It can be said that since my stay in Torino (Italy) I have not stopped creating and designing.

Today, I would like to thank my parents, since, the starting point of this project has been my name. BEÑAT. My experiences abroad have taught me that in order to understand a concept, there are as many forms as people living in the world. In fact, a lot of people has struggled with the way they understood my name. Both in Torino and Madrid, my name has caused  headaches to the people around me as they have all understood my name in their own way, like PREÑAT, BEÑAK, VENAL... I want to focus on Preñat, since a friend who always called me this way, used to tell me: For me, you will always be Preñat. I got to know you that way and I will just call you that way. To me it's special.

I understood that there are endless ways to have a look at an 'abstract' concept, as many ways of understanding as people in the world. Moreover, making a concept yours, it creates an intimate relationship between the concept and yourself.

The story that has been told in the previous lines, has become a project, named Zatzaizkit. In fact, my DESIGNS are the main concept of my project, and these are printed on clothing, foils... 

Special mention to Berri Txarrak, their lyrics have always been a great reference in this trip;)



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